Family Resources:

Case Management:

A Family Resource Specialist/Case Manager is available to discuss your situation individually and confidentially. The Case Manager will spend time listening to get a good feel for the goals and needs that you have. The Case Manager will then work with you to develop a personalized plan to help you meet your goals. This plan may include Center resources as well as other resources available through other community agencies and resources. We provide a wide range of referrals including food referrals to Interfaith Food Closet and the Christian Service Center along with applications for Food Stamps, All Kids Health Insurance, FEMA, information about possible assistance with utilities and shelter, medication assistance information, healthcare transportation (the Care Van), and other information about our partner agencies

Counseling | Marriage and Family Therapy:

Teletherapy services are now being offered to keep you and your loved ones safe. Counseling and marriage and family therapy are offered for individuals, couples, and families through a partnership with Auburn University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Center. Marriage and family therapists treat a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, marriage issues, family stress, grief, and substance abuse as well as others. While all of our services are free, the counseling services have a fee charged by the Marriage and Family Therapy Center. The cost is based on income in order to make this service available to everyone in our area.  Click here for more information or call the counseling line at (918) 406-1761 to schedule an appointment.

Parenting Resources:

Home Visitation |Programs for Parents of Early Childhood Children

These monthly home visitation or group programs offer parents the opportunity to learn about how to best care for their children during each developmental stage. Free developmental screenings, along with vision and hearing screenings are also provided. This way any delays are caught early and all children are as prepared as possible when it becomes time for them to start school.

Parenting that Works

Designed for parents of school aged children, this program takes research based parenting skill training and combines it with job readiness development. Find a career that will support your family financially for the long run while also building the relationships that will keep the family close for a lifetime.


This program aims at empowering fathers to become the best dads they possibly can. With a combination of recreational events and educational opprotunities, this program empowers men with children to be the best dad they possibly can.

Care Van

Through our Care Van, we are able to provide limited transportation for prenatal and child health care appointments that would not be able to be attended otherwise. Scheduling in advance is necessary, and due to doctor offices request, we can only transport one parent with a child.

Youth-Based Resources:

Parenting Education

Through our Great Expectations / Special Deliveries programs, we provide classes to high school students that focus on parenting skills needed to raise a baby in a safe and stable home.

Relationship Skills

Our Marriage/Relationship Education Project offers classes in high schools that promote positive relationship skills designed to increase the number of healthy marriages as the students become adults.

Safe Students

We partner with local schools to provide a wide range of presentations and services. Much of this revolves around school-based child abuse prevention program focusing on skills that prevent children from being in unsafe situations. These skills include conflict resolution, anger management, self-reporting child abuse, bullying prevention, and Erin’s Law.

Adult Resources:

G.E.D. Classes and Work Keys Certification

We offer services such as preparation for the G.E.D. exam and certification in Work Keys to assist adults in maximizing their earning potential. Through these opportunities, adults gain computer literacy skills and other employability skills. G.E.D. classes are offered in partnership with Southern Union Community College.

Young Adult Employment Services (The YES! Project)

Recognizing the local need for a successful future workforce, we created The YES Project. This program helps young adults ages sixteen through twenty-four attain their academic goals and receive employment training. Through our efforts, we hope to maximize employment, postsecondary, and specialized training opportunities for young adults in our service areas. Participants must be withdrawn from public school to receive services. This program is in partnership with the Alabama Career System and Department of Commerce Workforce Division.

Relationship Education and Enrichment

Through the Alabama Community Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Initiative, we are excited to be able to offer several different series of classes to improve the quality of marriages and relationships.

Business Resource Center

Through a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, we offer space, specialized software, and a library of resources for those who are thinking about or are in the early stages of starting their own business. The office can be reserved in advance and the resources used for writing resumes, writing business plans, conducting meetings, or doing research to further learning and make your business a success.

Community-Based Resources:

Human Trafficking Awareness

Renew Hope is a program dedicated to educating, informing, and training community members and frontline workers in the issues related to Human Trafficking. For more on Renew Hope statewide, click here. For more on Renew Hope 85, click here.

Community Presentations

We provide presentations highlighting all of our programs, and always place an emphasis on child safety, to churches, civic clubs, and various organizations.

Shields & Shoes

Many of the children in our community are in need of quality shoes. The Shields & Shoes Project provides quality shoes to area children in a way that prevents stigma or ridicule. Learn more and give to this project by clicking here