Counseling / Marriage and Family Therapy

At the Circle of Care, we profoundly believe in the power of relationships and envision a world where everyone can lead healthy, happy, and abuse-free lives. Through a partnership with Auburn University our MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY PROJECT is to be the catalyst for that opportunity, empowering our clients to achieve the goals they set for their relationships. We place unwavering trust in the idea that with the right support and encouragement, remarkable transformations can occur. We understand that relationships are the cornerstone of every aspect of life – family, work, friendships, and leisure. Healthy relationships form the bedrock of genuine joy and satisfaction, and we are dedicated to helping you nurture the very best connections possible.

In life, challenges may arise in relationships, but we firmly believe that adversity does not signify an impasse. We are here to guide you through those moments, providing support when relationships seem to falter, and helping you rediscover the path to something beautiful. Our commitment is rooted in the conviction that, with support, individuals can navigate through difficulties, strengthen their connections, and ultimately be their best selves within the context of meaningful relationships.