We provide services and resources to help you strengthen any aspect of your family.

Case Management

Whether in crisis, struggling, or simply wanting to make your family even better, our Case Manager would love to sit down with you, get to know your family, and develop a plan to best help you and your family get where you are wanting to be. The plan may include our in house resources and/or resources provided through other organizations that you may not know about.

Employment, Education, & Entrepreneurship

We house morning and evening GED classes for all ages, have a special suite of services for 16-24 year olds to help them get jobs and/or get into higher education, and house the Greater Valley Area Business Resource Center, where an office is supplied with a suite of resources designed to help adults find jobs, start, or grow their own business.

Parenting Resources

We offer a range of parenting resources for those at any stage of parenting, even prenatal. We distribute Baby Box Safe Sleep Environments, provide Home Visitation, Developmental Screening, and Fatherhood programs as well as Training and Support to Parents of Children at all ages.

Relationships Education

In a world with increasing divorce rates, we have services to help you learn how to find the right one for you. We also have classes that teach how to increase the strength and fulfillment in relationships whether they are strained or satisfying. Sign up to learn how to create a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

At Risk Youth

We partner with local school systems and daycares to provide services and trainings in school and out for faculties, families, and children in our area.

Human Trafficking Awareness

I-85 serves as a major corridor for human trafficking. This is not only a human rights issue but a child abuse issue, and we work to raise awareness regarding the problem and training regarding what can be done.

Care Van

Our Care Van provides limited transportation services for families, particularly children, to help make sure they receive needed medical care and other core services they would not be able to get to otherwise.

Business Resource Center

We have an office, supplies, support, and a resource library to help guide those who are looking to find a job, start a business, or grow their small business.

Community Presentations

We provide an array of presentations on child safety and family wellness as well as ones that highlight our various programs.

Counseling | Marriage and Family Therapy

We proudly offer a satellite of Auburn University's Marriage and Family Therapy Center out of our facilities to allow individuals, couples and families to receive counseling at a cost based on their income..

 About Us

About Us

The Circle of Care Center for Families offers programs, services, and partnerships designed to strengthen and support families while improving quality of life, ensuring safety, and promoting the well-being of children throughout our area. We work to make Chambers County and the Greater Valley Area a place where children are protected and loved, individuals are respected, families are empowered, and community is valued.

Strong families hold the solution to society's issues. Be part of the solution.

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