Providing Resources to help Individuals and Families Thrive

Supports for overcome life’s challenges.
Resources to overcome life’s barriers.
Programs to reach your family’s goals.

Life Can Be Hard

Life happens. A crisis hits. An immediate need shows up. Or a cycle seemingly can’t be broken. Whatever the challenge, one thing remains true: your family isn’t thriving like it could.

We Care About You

Get the resources and support to:

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We partner with individuals and families to prevent and overcome life’s challenges.

5 Major Areas of Family Life

There are 5 major interconnected areas of family life. When one struggles it can impact the others. When they are all healthy and strong, futures are brighter.
So we offer resources in these 5 areas:

Getting Support is as easy as:

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Sign up for a free consultation so we know how to best support you

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Get a custom plan to guide you and your family.

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Thrive as we connect you with the resources you need to reach your goals.

Reach Your And Your Family’s Goals

We understand that life can be hard. Whether it is tragedy, job loss, struggling relationships, money troubles, or anything else, every family faces their own challenges at some point.

The more families thrive, the more children thrive, so since 1996 the Circle of Care has partnered with thousands of families, providing education, resources, and support to prevent and overcome life’s challenges. With our vast array of services, we are sure to have something that will benefit you and your family. And, if you need a resource we don’t provide, we will do everything we can to help you access exactly what you and your family needs.


“I learned how to get a checking account.”
“I learned how to cope with my problems.”
“I learned how to be a better parent to my kids.”
“I always feel respected and loved by this program.”
“I learned how to control my anger.”
“Hayli has helped me work through one of the hardest times in my life, and I feel grateful to have her support and guidance.”

Our Generous Supporters

The Circle of Care uses our resources to support families in our community. When you give, you become an active participant in our work. Donate today and be part of helping more families thrive.