The YES! Project

THE YES! PROJECT, an initiative fueled by a WIOA Grant, is dedicated to empowering young adults aged 16-24 on their journey toward success. Picture a dynamic program that seamlessly integrates GED preparation and career development training, propelling individuals toward their next significant milestone. In response to a profound recognition of the local community’s demand for a thriving future workforce, THE YES! PROJECT was born. Geared towards the needs of young adults between sixteen and twenty-four, this groundbreaking program is a beacon of hope for those seeking to achieve academic excellence and gain essential employment skills. Our goal is to create a pathway that maximizes employment opportunities, encourages post-secondary education, and facilitates specialized training for young adults within the communities of Chambers, Lee, and Randolph Counties. THE YES! PROJECT isn’t merely a program; it’s a catalyst for positive change, shaping the futures of the next generation.

Staff Contact

Supervisor: Nancy Poole | 334.768.4091 EXT: 205 | support@the