The A-RESET (Alabama Resources for Enrichment, Self-Sufficiency, and Employability Training) program is a partnership with the Alabama Department of Human Resources. Our purpose is clear—to empower SNAP recipients, through a comprehensive array of job search, training, education, and work experience activities, to achieve greater self-sufficiency. A-RESET is dedicated to supporting individuals currently receiving SNAP benefits who aspire to either secure employment or enhance their current job situation. We recognize the potential that meaningful employment holds for our participants, and our commitment extends beyond the initial job placement.

Upon finding the right job, the Circle of Care steps in with Employment Retention Services, ensuring a seamless transition into the workforce. Our retention services go beyond the ordinary, providing ongoing support for a minimum of 90 days. This support includes on-the-job coaching, troubleshooting any challenges that may arise for the employee or employer, and a continual commitment to removing obstacles hindering success. At A-RESET, we believe in the inherent potential of every individual, and our mission is to unlock opportunities that foster self-sufficiency. By providing targeted resources and support, we empower SNAP recipients to not only secure employment but also thrive in their newfound roles