Yes Project

The YES Project helps young adults ages 16-24 attain their academic goals and receive employment training. We hope to maximize employment, post-secondary, and specialized training opportunities for young adults in our service areas. Participants cannot be enrolled in secondary or post-secondary school in order to receive services.

The YES! Project offers incentives (Up to **$500.00) that students can earn as he/she progresses through the program. Incentives are intended to be used to encourage and motivate YES! Project participants to reach specific goals and obtain positive outcomes.  The incentive must be linked to an achievement and must be tied to work experience, education, or training. All incentive awards will be subject to the availability of WIOA Youth funds or to donations by community partner agencies, businesses and institutions.

  • Training Activities: $25.00
  • Unpaid Work Experience/Job Shadowing: $50.00 
  • Skills Progression: $50.00
  • Basic Skills Increase: $25.00 
  • High School Diploma: $75.00
  • GED Section: $50.00
  • Training Milestone: $75.00
  • Employment: $50.00 / Advancement: $25.00 / Temp Agency: $25.00
  • Successful Completion of Post-Secondary Entrance Exam, ACT, ASVAB: $25.00
  • Secondary or Post-Secondary Transcript/Report Card: $25.00
  • Short Term/Long Term Goal Achievement: $25.00

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Supervisor- Nancy Poole

Case Managers- Amanda Dingler & Jan Busby

Call: 334.768.4091 ext. 205


This program is in partnership with the Alabama Career System and Department of Commerce Workforce Division.

“The project is funded 100% with Federal Funds made available to the State of Alabama Department of Commerce by the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration as the Grantor.”