How We are Helping Families Survive During and Thrive after Shelter in Place

Amidst shelter in place, for some of us, it is going well, for many it is a major struggle financially and/or relationally. As such, at the Circle of Care, we are providing a variety of online programs designed to help families during this time that will be available to anyone across the state.

For those struggling mentally and/or emotionally prior to or in light of the adjustment, we have provided Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy for several weeks.

On Monday, we are beginning Relationship Classes at 7:30 Eastern, 6:30 Central. Whether cabin fever has brought you closer or made things more difficult, this is an opportunity to grow closer in your most important relationship. If the time doesn’t work for you, video replays will be available to catch up. For more information, you can contact Brad Thomas via phone or you can request information or register through our website here.

In May we will be expanding into more education programs for Parents as well as Workforce Development to help those who are or have become unemployed/underemployed during this crisis get job training and find good careers with good pay, benefits, and advancement opportunities. For more information regarding programs for parents, you can contact Adrian Carpenter. For Workforce Development, you can contact Nancy Poole or Griff Pemberton.

And, all of this is free. We strive to be a resource and a source of hope for every family, especially during difficult times, providing the resources and guidance to help individuals, families, our communities, and especially our children see achieve better futures. We hope you’ll take advantage of these opportunities and give us the insight to improve these programs as we do new things in new ways and look to continually make them increasingly beneficial.

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