Resilient Families

The mission of RESILIENT FAMILIES is rooted in the belief that maintaining strong family ties is fundamental to the well-being of both parents and children. We are dedicated to providing a supportive environment through regularly scheduled supervised visitation for non-custodial parents and their children on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Our program is distinctive in that trained Marriage and Family therapy interns serve as Visit Monitors, offering compassionate and professional supervision. These Monitors not only oversee visits in person but also play a pivotal role in facilitating positive interactions between parents and children, fostering an environment conducive to healthy family connections. Visit Monitors document each visit, creating visit summaries that are shared with referring agencies. In addition, our commitment extends beyond the visit itself; we conduct feedback sessions with visiting parents after each encounter. These sessions provide a platform for discussing parenting strengths and addressing identified needs, offering parents valuable opportunities for personal growth.