One of the services we provide is that we go into local schools and teach about healthy relationships. They learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and they work on developing relationship skills. Filled with fun activities, this all takes place using multiple interactive learning styles. Below are some of the comments from students about the classes.

“It gave me a lot of information and showed me how to have a healthy relationship.”—Male RS+ participant

“At first I would just be mad so easily but now I just sit and talk it out .And that’s so much better for me”—Female RS+ participant

“Good program . Keep it up you could possibly save someone from an abusive relationship.”—Female RS+ participant

“In my personal opinion, this program has helped me a significant amount. Now I understand signs of abusive relationships, relationship boundaries, and differences between a good and bad relationship. Also you can use these skills in family and friends, only if you were to modify them slightly.”—Male RS+ participant

“I really enjoyed it. It helped me understand a lot about unhealthy relationships.”—Female RS+ participant

“It is the greatest thing in the world. It helped me in so many ways. Helped me get out a situation I was in.”—Male RS+ participant

“This program has helped me realize that you can say no if your partner is trying to force you into things you do not want to do. This program has been very useful in helping me understand what to do in certain situations and the best course of action to take.”—Male RS+ participant

“I really enjoyed this program. I think it helped a lot of people in my class!! Thank you for the chance to take it.”—Female RS+ participant

“This program not only gave me relationship skills in the future with a boyfriend but also with family relationships.”—Female RS+ participant

“It was a great program, more schools should have it.”—Female RS+ participant

“I think everyone should take this course at least once in their lives.”—Male RS+ participant

“I think it is a very educational class. Most of us don’t really know how a relationship is supposed to be like due the generation that we live in. This (class) can prevent someone from being in an abusive relationship. It teaches you how to cope with breakups and how to better understand what a relationship should be like.”—Female RS+ participant

“Very good program. Gives kids the chance to hear things that can stick with them for a lifetime.”—Female RS+ participant

“It made me realize a lot and I have taking a bunch of the things I was taught and used them in situations I come across.”—Female RS+ participant

“I think this is a really good program and more people should be in it.”—Female RS+ participant

“I think this program has made me think a lot about how I will handle my future relationships.”—Male RS+ participant

“It was cool and I like talking about relationships and where mine went wrong.”—Female RS+ participant

“It was very good and I think they should keep informing people.”—Female RS+ participant

“If I can say one thing is that, never let anyone hurt, abuse, or assault you no matter what.”—Male RS+ participant

“It was helpful for my future relationships. I now know more about unhealthy relationships and how to get out of them.”—Male RS+ participant

“It helped me to be able to spot bad things in my relationship.”—Male RS+ participant

“It is a very educational program that helps with breakups and abusive relationships.”—Female RS+ participant

“I really like how they used real life situations to help us understand the difference between a healthy relationship and a non-healthy relationship.  It has helped me understand the things that are needed to have a successful relationship”—Female RS+ participant

“It really helped someone talking about it in person, to have someone actually talking to us about relationships. I wouldn’t have received or use the advice if we would have just saw it online.”—Male RS+ participant

“This was a very good program that helped me to better understand my relationship.”—Female RS+ participant

“It’s a very big help to anyone involved in a abusive relationship and it also shows how to prevent a relationship from turning into that. I think this has had a very big influence on the students at our school and I thank you.”—Male RS+ participant

“It was a really good program I like it a lot. It taught me a lot about healthy relationships with different people not just boyfriend or girlfriend.”—Female RS+ participant

“It was effective and helped me see things about relationships that I haven’t before.”—Female RS+ participant

“I think all kids need to attend this program.”—Male RS+ participant

“It was very helpful and thoughtful. Put more perspective into what I should want or expect in a relationship. Thanks for coming out and having me explore more in a healthy relationship.”—Male RS+ participant

“This program was very helpful, and I plan to use some of the skills I learned with my future relationships.”—Female RS+ participant

“It’s a good program for kids our age to really know what life is like.”—Female RS+ participant

“My teachers on this program were excellent and have opened my eyes up on situations that I haven’t realized yet, and how to prevent incidents.”—Male RS+ participant

“I think that it is very helpful for young adults such as myself. I feel like anybody that has the opportunity to take this program should pay closely attention. It’s very helpful for many abusive & not good relationships. This like this should be talked about in a lot of schools. I feel very blessed to be able to have this opportunity.”—Female RS+ participant

“This class was great and I actually learned more about relationships.”—Female RS+ participant

“I had a good time learning with it and it helping me to further my education about how to handle any type of relationship.”—Male RS+ participant

“They teach a lot of life long needed skills to avoid any bad and negative vibes that are not needed they are really helpful.”—Female RS+ participant

“The teacher taught me more to add on to what I already knew.”—Male RS+ participant

“This program has really helped me with my home life with my mother’s new husband and how he treats her. I know now how to help her with these situations and how to handle them the right way.”—Female RS+ participant

“I think that this program was really good for students to learn so they can look at things different and handle situations better in a mature way.”—Female RS+ participant

“This program really helped me understand more about relationships.”—Female RS+ participant

“This program has taught me a lot as a young teenager about a healthy relationship. It was something I needed to know to help me with my relationship. I used some of the methods in my relationship and it worked. I’m glad this program came to our school and helped us with a healthy relationship as young teenagers.”—Female RS+ participant

“The people who explain it are really nice and put things in a really understanding way.”—Female RS+ participant

“This program helped more than I thought it would honestly.”—Female RS+ participant

“This program really helped me understand what to do and what not to do in a relationship and also how to handle it.”—Female RS+ participant

“Our teachers did good and they were really cool!”—Male RS+ participant

“This program was very helpful to me and noticing the signs of abuse that I’ve missed in the past.”—Male RS+ participant

“It has helped me understand what not to do in a relationship.”—Female RS+ participant

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