You may have heard about our relationship classes and wondered what they were like, whether they worked, and if it would be helpful for you. Well, maybe this will help. As part of our relationship classes, surveys are done to help us continually improve. All the responses are kept confidential so that we get honest feedback.  Once that information is processed, results are sent back to us. We recently received some of that information and thought it might be helpful for you to hear from actual participants what the experience was like. We had 7 pages of feedback, so this is just an excerpt from adult couple participants.

“Enjoyed it and hope to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life.”—Female CCM Participant

“I have loved this program. It has helped me with my relationship and the instructors were amazing with explaining and breaking down the details.”—Male CCM Participant

“I have really enjoyed this program and learned a great deal.”—Female Elevate participant

“I love this program, would love to do it again. Very soon!”—Female CCM participant

“I really enjoyed the instructors they were very knowledgeable and very interactive with the class. Would definitely recommend this class to others.”—Male CCM participant

“It has showed me that a positive out look on life is the best way to go. To truly found out who my husband is and what he is wanting out of life.”—Female Elevate participant

“The instructors were very informative and we felt like family and they were down to earth.”—Female Elevate participant

“This program has helped me tremendously. I have learned how to love my partner in different ways so that we can connect mindfully. I have had a great time learning all about mindfulness, and how it plays a huge part in my relationship. I know what I’ve learned will help me get through my relationship.”—Female CCM participant

“This program help me by learning to close to my partner how to love again and be a better parent to my kids and good wife and show my husband that I’m here for him when he down we talk bout without yelling.”—Female Elevate participant

“I loved the program. Everything was practical and easy to put to use.”—Female CCM participant

“I think the program does well. It is very comprehensive in the learning and the teachers are well versed in the subject.”—Female Elevate participant

“It is helpful in showing better ways to handle things.”—Male Elevate participant

“It was a lot of fun I strongly recommend this program to all my friends and family”—Female CCM participant

“It was too quick it should be at least 8 weeks.”—Male CCM participant

“This program is really cool. It wasn’t what I was expecting. It wasn’t awkward at all. I thought it was going to be an awkward class for couples. Highly recommended.”—Female CCM participant

“Loved the program! Learned a lot about myself and my husband, especially how to “mindfully” connect with him!”—Female CCM participant

“I enjoyed the classes. It was very relaxing and informative.”—Male CCM participant

“Program was helpful with making me aware to pay attention to my partners feelings. Also, to be more thoughtful.”—Female CCM participant

“A good starting point for growth. Lots of good ideas.”—Male Elevate participant

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