Care Campaign Coming Soon!

If you have been keeping up with events at the Circle of Care, then you know that we recently acquired a new building to serve as our future home.

Back in the Summer, we were awarded funds to purchase a new building. Once we move in, it will save on overhead costs as well as give us additional space to add programs to meet additional needs in our area. We have been in the same facility since the beginning, for 22 years. For several years now we have been unable to pursue expanding programs to meet new needs simply because we haven’t had the space.

So, we have a new building, but it needs a few things before we can move in. Primarily, it has to have a new roof, new heating and cooling systems, and very limited modifications to get everything in ADA compliance, up to code, and ready to move in. We have been writing grants for the last few months to fund the bulk of needed renovations, but we still need your help.

We are looking for 100 people to commit to making a monthly donation between $1 and $100 for 12 months. That would be one person committing to $1/month for 12 months, one person committing to $2/month, etc. up to $100/month for 12 months. Of course we will be happy to accept any donation of any amount at any time. However, for those who are the first to claim one of the 100 amounts, we would love to show you our thanks by sending you a Care bumper sticker.

If you would like a reminder on December 1st, when the campaign launches, go to the Contact Page and let us know.

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